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Augment Brochure

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Seven3Creative is thrilled to have partnered with Augment on their franchise brochure project. Augment stands at the forefront of wellness innovation, offering a unique experience in cold plunge studios featuring emerging biohacking modalities. With a focus on improving health, aiding in athletic recovery, and boosting mental well-being, Augment’s mission is as bold as it is transformative.

For the franchise brochure, we took inspiration from Augment’s cutting-edge approach and created a design that reflects the studio’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Each page is meticulously crafted to showcase the benefits and experiences offered by Augment, enticing potential franchisees with compelling visuals and persuasive messaging. From the sleek layout to the captivating imagery, every aspect of the brochure is designed to communicate Augment’s value proposition and unique selling points.

At Seven3Creative, we understand the importance of storytelling and branding in driving franchise success. Our collaboration with Augment on this project is a testament to our dedication to helping businesses stand out in competitive markets. Together, we’ve crafted a franchise brochure that not only informs but inspires, inviting entrepreneurs to join Augment in revolutionizing the wellness industry.

Project: Augment Franchise Brochure
Client: Augment

Design & Layout // Augment Brochure Spreads