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Devon Brand Design

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Seven3Creative is proud to have partnered with Clearly Relevant & Devon Dickinson. Devon is a mentor and serial entrepreneur known for providing real advice to aspiring business leaders. Our task was to capture Devon’s essence and translate it into a visual identity that resonates with authenticity.

For this project, we delved deep into Devon’s persona, crafting a logotype and brand guidelines that embody his unique style and approach. Every element, from the choice of typography to the color palette, was meticulously curated to reflect Devon’s personality and values.

The result is a brand that not only looks and feels like Devon but also serves as a beacon of authenticity for fellow entrepreneurs seeking guidance and inspiration. At Seven3Creative, we believe in the power of design to convey identity and evoke emotion, and our collaboration with Devon Dickinson exemplifies this belief.

Project: Devon Dickinson Branding
Client: Clearly Relevant

Primary // Signature // Secondary Logo Type // Brand Guidelines